About Us

The Company

DormAid currently serves thousands of students at various campuses across the country. Through the leadership and intelligence of our corporate team and the high quality and dedication of our local leaders, DormAid consistently delivers excellence in each of the services it offers. We are committed to empowering the next generation through the delivery of high quality personal services that increase time and reduce stress for college students. It is our belief that college students have limitless potential and are the most important investment we can make in our future.



From our humble beginnings as a room cleaning service at Harvard, DormAid has grown to become the college brand known and trusted for high quality services across the nation. We currently serve schools across the eastern seaboard and the south and are in negotiations with schools in over 25 states. Despite our tremendous expansion, we have not forgotten our founding principle - high quality personal services at great prices.



DormAid has reached significant financial and branding milestones. Known by more than 15 million people according to polling reports, the company has entertained requests for venture funding and joint partnerships with large service organizations. While the company continues to be privately held, it has kept an open mind to offers that would help it accomplish its goal of being the number one college brand in the nation trusted for high quality services.



DormAid is always looking for good entrepreneurs. If you think you have what it takes we recommend that you contact us to find out how to get involved. We rely upon young, motivated people who love challenges and can face struggles in order to overcome the normal hurdles of doing business. DormAid is currently exploring expanding to 50 different colleges across the nation. If you think your school would be a great location for DormAid and want to lead your own business there contact us.