Laundry FAQs

Room Cleaning FAQs

Billing FAQs

Laundry FAQs

How is my laundry picked up?

Pickups at GWU are done right from your Dorm's lobby so you never have to leave the dorm.  The pickup area for each dorm will be marked and described in your DormAid welcome email before the start of classes. Top

What do I use as a laundry bag?

Before your first scheduled pick up day, you will be sent a custom DormAid laundry bag and dry cleaning bag. For tracking purposes we ask that you only use these bags. Top

Is there a limit to how much I can send each week?

Our DormAid laundry bags are made in varying sizes to fit with the plan that you choose, but you are free to fill your bag as full as you would like. Top

Are there overage charges?

No! DormAid likes to keep things simple so there are no overage charges for sending in too much laundry. The only way to incur additional charges is by sending in Dry Cleaning or requesting other special services be added to your plan. Top

How Much Does My Laundry Weigh?

Unfortunately this question depends completely on the individual, and we see people send anywhere from 10 to 50 pounds of laundry each week. That said our customers average approximately 22-25 pounds per week, with must students falling in this range. The easiest way to know for sure is just to send it the first few weeks to see where you are at, and then you can adjust your plan accordingly to match your needs. Top

Who is cleaning my clothes?

DormAid is affiliated with top quality, professional laundry facilities across the country. These facilities provide all of the laundering services for DormAid. Top

How does Dry Cleaning work?

DormAid gives customers a separate custom bag for their Dry Cleaning so that there is no confusion. Simply fill your dry cleaning bag and send it in with your laundry bag and we will take care of the rest. Dry cleaning credits can be pre-purchased at a discounted price or can be paid for as you go. Top

Can I sign up for only a dry cleaning plan?

Dry Cleaning is usually offered only as an add-on to our wash-dry-fold plan however in several cases we are able to offer dry-cleaning alone. Please contact a DormAid representative for more information. Top

What if I need special materials dry-cleaned (e.g. leather, silk or cashmere)?

Quotes for special materials are available if requested, but you can expect prices that are at or below the standard local rates. Top

What happens if I miss a week? Can I make it up the following semester?

No, DormAid does not offer refunds for individual weeks. Top

Can I sign up for a single week?

No, DormAid does not currently allow customers to sign up for single week plans. If you would like to test DormAid for a week or something of that nature please email us and we can work something out. Top

What happens if I find that an item is missing?

Most of the time, missing clothes have slipped into roommates' laundry bags or been otherwise misplaced around the house, but if fault is found on our end we do have a reimbursement policy. If there is a question of lost clothing, please contact a customer service representative as soon as possible. Top

What happens if some of my clothes are damaged?

In the rare event that an item is determined damaged as a result of the DormAid service, you will be reimbursed for its cost according to DormAid standards as noted in our terms and conditions. However, DormAid does not accept responsibility for clothes damaged due to a customer's negligence (e.g. if a pen left in a pocket stains clothing, or a hang dry/dry clean only shirt is sent with the regular laundry). Top

Room Cleaning FAQs

Who is cleaning my room?

DormAid is affiliated with top quality, professional house cleaners across the country. These cleaners are all bonded and insured, and have gone through background checks and quality testing before being approved to work for us. Top

Do I have to be present for the clean?

For safety reasons, most school administrations require that the customer escort the cleaner into and out of campus residences. That said once they are in your room you certainly do not have to stick around, and are free to come and go as you please. Top

Do I have to provide any cleaning materials?

Our DormAid cleaners will come with everything they need to clean your place. All we ask that you provide would be access to a water faucet. Top

What is included in the clean?

The cleaner will be yours for two hours, and it is really up to you what you want them to focus on. If you have any special requests just tell them in the beginning, or if not they will clean according to our rigorous 21 point checklist. Top

What if I need more than two hours?

If your room has not been completely cleaned after the two hours have passed, you will be given the option of ending the clean there or continuing on. If you choose to continue you will be charged a prorated rate for the additional time required. Top

Can I make up cleans I have to miss?

We can certainly reschedule any cleans that you will not be able to make, but all we ask is that you alert us to this change in advance. Changes or cancellations must be made by the end of the preceding business day to avoid a last minute change fee. Top

Billing FAQs

Can I cancel part of the way through the semester?

You may cancel any time and will be refunded on a pro rated basis minus a 10% cancellation fee. Top

If I sign up midway through the semester, do I have to pay for a full semester?

No, you will be charged on a pro rated basis, depending on the number of weeks remaining in the cycle. Contact DormAid to receive an exact quote. Top

Do I have to sign up new again every semester?

No, for your convenience DormAid will automatically renew your subscription and re-bill your credit card at the end of each billing cycle (semester or year depending on what you signed up for) until you cancel your account. Before any re-billing is carried out, however, DormAid will notify you of the pending charge and offer appropriate time to cancel your service without incurring any cancellation fees. Top

How will additional charges be handled?

Additional charges such as dry cleaning or other special services will be billed periodically to the credit card on file. Email receipt will be given notifying the customer before and after any of these charges. Top